Live training on law generally, copyright basics and building sound copyright policies and practices into existing workflows. Presentations are dynamic and flexible, and can be structured to accommodate your group's unique needs.

Should you register your copyrights? What is a copyright anyway? Should you really be worried about people stealing your images on the Internet? How has the legal landscape for photographers changed with the emergence of Internet photo sharing? How do you protect your images while still “getting your work out there?”

This information-packed seminar answers these questions and more, helping you build best practices for copyright registration and management into your existing image processing workflows. Part legal tutorial, part software tutorial, this seminar will help you understand essential copyright concepts that apply to you and your business, and teach you how to maximize your rights without sacrificing exposure.

Substantively similar to Understanding Copyright and Building a Copyright-Centered Workflow this presentation considers copyright law and sound copyright registration and management practices through the lens of the statutes, regulations, administrative practices, and recent cases that form the foundation of those practices. Designed specifically for lawyers and paralegals who represent visual artists, attendees will come away with practical tips and techniques for advising their clients along with the relevant legal and policy background.


Although this presentation is designed to serve continuing legal education requirements, it has not been approved for CLE credit by any jurisdiction. Certification and approval of the presentation’s content for CLE purposes is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

In photography, the “circle of confusion” refers to the zone between that which is perfectly in focus, and that which isn’t. The Circle of Confusion: Photography at the Nexus of Copyright and the Networked Economy helps photographers, visual artists, and those who represent them bring into focus the challenges raised by rapidly evolving technologies, the rise of the “casual professional” photographer, and the lack of meaningful copyright enforcement tools. Beyond identifying the issues, participants will consider how to harness the same technological change and market dynamics to develop new business models and create value in new ways for their clients. Part lecture, part “town hall” discussion, and part workshop, The Circle of Confusion will stimulate discussion and inspire professional growth.
The past several years have brought the most robust policy debates about copyright policy that we have witnessed in nearly four decades. Congress recently concluded a two-year review of the existing copyright law (most of which is, itself, more than three decades old) comprising more than 20 hearings and 100 witnesses from every corner of the copyright community. In this information-packed session, participants will learn about the ongoing review process, the major issues facing the copyright community, and some of the various proposals for addressing them.

Note that while this presentation discusses several issues of specific interest to visual artists, its coverage is much broader, discussing issues relating to copyright law generally. The presentation focuses primarily on U.S. law and policy developments.

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